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When your heater breaks down, you don’t want to wait for a technician to become available before your system gets fixed. Instead, you want immediate response and heating service Tempe AZ, and heating repair Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Gilbert, and the surrounding areas. At GE Home Services, we understand the urgency of broken systems.

We know that customers expect immediate feedback and constant communication throughout the repair process, and we work hard to provide this every time we receive a service request. When you work with our team, we set expectations clearly and quickly, so you know exactly what you are dealing with, and we respond as soon as possible to all repair requests. In addition, we prioritize heating services Tempe AZ because we know how important it is.

Quality of Heating Repair Phoenix

The holiday season is around, and the weather has become chilly. It’s the time of the year when you only want to curl up in your blanket while your heater or furnace does the work. But a heater breaking down on a rough cold day sounds like a nightmare! That’s when you need to call a professional for heating repair Phoenix.

However, are you struggling to find the best HVAC repair Tempe AZ? We are here to the rescue. At GE Home Services, we ensure quality and prompt HVAC services.

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About US

GE Home Services is a premier HVAC company based in Tempe, AZ. With over 35 years of experience in the HVAC industry, we have grown as a highly-skilled and experienced team of professionals. From AC to furnaces, we provide the best quality cooling and heating service Tempe AZ, and surrounding areas.

We take pride in having a massive base of happy customers. All thanks to our quality and speedy services across the valley. Also, if your furnace breaks down in the middle of a cold winter night, we are just a call away!

Signs You Need a Heating Repair Phoenix

Call us immediately if you are experiencing one or higher of the signs listed below.

  • Unexpectedly high energy bills.
  • Short cycling.
  • The furnace’s pilot flame has turned yellow instead of blue.
  • Loud or strange noises from the unit.
  • You need to adjust your thermostat repeatedly.
  • Too many replacements in short intervals.
  • Worsening of indoor air quality.
  • Aging system.

Our Services

We proudly service all residential, commercial, and new construction across Tempe, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Peoria, Levine, Gilbert, Paradise Valley, AZ, and surrounding areas.

Who Are We, Exactly?

GE Home Services has been a premier heating services Tempe AZ for an extended periodYou have arrived at the right place if you’re seeking a professional, trustworthy, and efficient Heating Contractor to work on your projects. We have the expertise to handle a broad range of activities thanks to a varied portfolio of contract businesses.

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  • Heating Repair Phoenix
  • Heating Service
  • Heating Tune-Up
  • Heating Replacement
  • Heating Services Tempe AZ

Apart from these, we also provide cooling, indoor air quality, and ductless services.

What Makes us The Best? (Why Choose Us)

We have emerged as trustworthy heating repair near me. Do you have worries about hiring someone to install your air conditioner? Then, we arrived to help save the day. The most popular heating repair Phoenix is GE Home Services.

The following grades set us apart from the competitors.

• Unmatched Expertise

Our team of technicians is highly skilled and experienced in handling a range of HVAC units. We excel in all from air conditioners to heating services Tempe AZ.

• Emergency Services

Who wants to wait till morning after their furnace stops working at night? Don’t worry; our 24/7 emergency services are here to the rescue. No matter what time it is, we are always just a call away for heating services Tempe AZ.

• Reasonable Services

We treat our customers like our family. No matter how extensive the repair is, we understand our customers’ budgets and come up with the most affordable rates.

• Happy Clients

There is no more reliable source of a quality guarantee than the clients themselves. We are proud to have so many satisfied and content customers. Feel easy to check out our Reviews Section on our website and Google to read our customers’ firsthand experiences with us.

Do you know we also provide furnace repair Phoenix and surrounding areas? Contact us to learn more. Talk to one of our technicians at (480) 376-0755.

• Pricing Ahead of Time

We always charge up front regardless of how simple or complicated the repair is. Our team doesn’t impose additional fees or charges, so you’ll know exactly how much the service will cost before it begins.

• Make a Strategy for Success.

We have the expertise to resolve any of your HVAC issues. Also, with a preliminary study, we can assist you in selecting the finest available solutions within your budget. Knowing the best systems, efficiency levels, and so on will aid us in developing the ideal assault strategy!

• Reliable

Because of our reputation in the neighborhood, it is simple to depend on us. You can rely on us to complete even the most urgent repairs. We understand your need for heating contractors available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

• Unparalleled Knowledge

Our experts are highly skilled in the areas of heating and air conditioning. It would help if you weren’t concerned since even the most difficult tasks, such as heating installation, are straightforward for us.

• Moral Principles

In carrying out our responsibilities, we believe in being honest and trustworthy. Our client’s faith in us rises due to our expertise and humanitarian mission.

• Experience and Creativity

In addition to tried-and-true approaches, we provide new and original solutions. We’re experts in implementing tried-and-true techniques and do-it-yourself solutions, and we can even provide you with helpful hints!

• One Hundred Percent Customer Satisfaction is Guaranteed.

Customers are our first concern, and we strive to go above and beyond to meet and exceed their expectations. It motivates us to provide high-quality, timely services.

Read Our Reviews Online

At GE Home Services, we love to tell you how great we are, but you should always take any boasting with a grain of salt. We know that companies can all go on and on about how they are the best option for heating service Tempe AZ, Scottsdale, Mesa, Gilbert, and the surrounding areas, but let us prove it to you.

Check out the Reviews section on our website to read real firsthand accounts of customers who did business with us to learn about their experiences. There’s no more reliable metric than a story from someone we worked with in the past. And once you’re content with the quality of our work, call us for heater service, and let us prove to you that we’re worthy of the praise we regularly receive.

Call When You Experience Any Issues

Whenever you experience an issue that makes you need heat pump installation Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale, Mesa, Gilbert, and the surrounding areas, call GE Home Services LLC quickly for top-notch repairs. Our technicians are trained in the best practices for diagnosing and solving heating problems, and we will find a solution for you in record time.

Do you intend to install a heating unit anytime soon? Please plan an appointment with one of our technicians right now by searching for furnace repair in Tempe AZ. Dial (480) 376-0755 to reach GE Home Services.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Mentioned below are some of the ways to troubleshoot a heating system:

  • First, replace or clean the air filter.
  • Second, troubleshoot thermostat issues and, if required, replace batteries.
  • Third, look for blown fuses or tripped breakers in the electrical panel.
  • Finally, make sure the heating system's power switch is turned on.

Some of the common heating problems are mentioned below:

  • Strange noises
  • Thermostat issues
  • Bills for energy have risen.
  • There's dust in the air.
  • The pilot's light color has become yellow.
  • Heating issues caused by age.
  • Water has accumulated.

What is the Reason for the Heating System's Failure?

Frequently, the problem is that the heating system is damaged. As a result, the heating system cannot function unless enough air moves across it to prevent overheating.

In a nutshell, a clogged blower may lead to heat exchanger failure. Also, your heater may have stopped operating due to clogged air filters. Just contact a specialist from our heating repair firm in Phoenix.

Mentioned below are some of the ways:

  • Any cracks in your window frame should be filled.
  • Switch your ceiling fan's direction.
  • Invest in high-quality blankets.
  • Use draft stoppers on your doors to keep the cold air out.
  • Rugs may be used to cover your flooring.

Avoid drafts near electrical outlets.

·        Airflow is Restricted or of Poor Quality.

Many HVAC customers claim that their house does not have enough ventilation in all regions. If the airflow is limited, it might be caused by several factors. Clogged air filters are one of the most typical problems.

·        Leaking Ducts and Water Damage

Overflowing ducts and drain pans are often addressed by building maintenance staff. The drain pan is meant to handle excess water, but it may soon become overburdened if humidity levels rise too fast.

·        The House isn't Cooling Because the System isn't Working.

During the hot weather, you may discover that your air conditioner is no longer cooling the air inside your home. Instead, low refrigerant is the source of the issue more often than not.

·        The Heat Pump is Constantly Running.

While harsh weather may compel your heat pump to operate continually, it might signal a problem with the component if the weather is moderate. In most circumstances, eliminating external effects like ice or insulating the exterior unit will solve the heat pump.

Check your thermostat's batteries and replace any worn-out or defective ones. Also, check your thermostat's fan settings to see whether they're set to "auto" rather than "on."

Check your thermostat has been set to a lower temperature by someone else. If the problem persists, you can contact a specialist from our heating services Tempe, AZ.

Mentioned below are the most efficient ways to heat a home without using gas:

  • Heaters for small spaces.
  • Heat Powered by biomass.
  • Alternative energy sources.